01 May 2011

"Heart of Darfur: Musa Hilal & the Janjaweed" Video Summarization

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di0s7Wd0m_s

In this video, Mohammed Vall (a Muslim political and military figure of Mauritanian nationality,) meets and interviews Musa Hilal, the man whom the United States considers the head of the Janjaweed, and whom they deem responsible for basically the whole conflict in Darfur.  Hilal denied accusations of racism among the tribes, saying that they had been mixed together for years.

The Janjaweed, Hilal said, are not responsible for the genocide going on in Darfur, and that they are instead, "instruments for foreign claims" and that "they are carrying out a mission for which they are not the decision makers."

In the video, Hilal goes on to say that when the surrounding groups did not, he aligned his tribe with the government, and that the others are traitors for abandoning their kin. Because of this decision, Hilal said, the tribe knows that they are being tracked down by more than just a local foe, and that the United States "falsely" believes him to be the man behind the murders.

Hilal's final statement in the video was that he and his tribesmen welcome United Nations troops if they are truely coming to stabilize Darfur.

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